Campus Ministry



Word (Doctrine)

Instruction: Christian Living

Witness (Moral)

Outreach or Service Learning Program

Witness (Worship)

Liturgical Activities, Recollection, Formation



The Campus Ministry comprises three significant domains to effectively facilitate and execute its functions. The First one is the WORD which focuses on the Instructional or Academic part. This Domain is designed to facilitate cognitive or doctrinal part of the ministry. The second one is the WORSHIP whose function is to facilitate Liturgical activities like retreats, recollections, and other formations. This domain is centered on the celebration of the WORD. Finally, the WITNESS falls under the last domain whose function is to articulate the WORD into ACTION. Thus, under this domain comes the Campus Ministry Outreach/service Learning Program wherein students and teachers are given opportunities to serve.

What We Do

Monthly Mass

The Mass is the most beautiful act of worship of Almighty God and a precious treasure of our Catholic Church. To fully appreciate the Mass, one has to understand its historical development. Granted, the root of the Mass is the Last Supper, a Passover meal. Here our Lord and the apostles read the Sacred Scriptures, and then for the first time He took bread and wine, pronounced the words of consecration, and gave His Body and Blood to them. The action of this first Mass must be understood in the whole context of our Lord’s passion, death, and resurrection. Since that time, the Church has offered the Mass, which participates in the ever-present, everlasting reality of the Last Supper and the passion, death and resurrection.

Class Presentation on Saints, Virtues, and ESLR’s

During Monday Morning Assembly, the class assigned for that week will present either about Dominican Saints, Virtues, and ESLR’s to add more meaningful information for their fellow Dominicans!



Students during ECA period are learning more about the faith not just in Christian Living subject but also through the Campus Ministry.


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