Our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

The Dominican International School Kaohsiung envisions and expects its students to be:


Spiritual individuals who are:

  • Open-minded to global values and beliefs
  • Tolerant and gentle toward others
  • Grateful for learning opportunities


Truthful individuals who are:

  • Honest and treat everyone with integrity
  • Fair and just before being right
  • Upright and respectful in character


Active individuals who are:

  • Enthusiastic and willing to serve
  • Diligent communicators
  • Cooperative and creative participants


Responsible individuals who are:

  • Self-disciplined in behavior choices
  • Motivated to achieve success
  • Organized in task completion


Studious individuals who are:

  • Knowledgeable of facts and evidence
  • Independent and collaborative inquirers
  • Focused and committed to study goals