• Kindergarten boys are advised to wear solid black Velcro-strapped shoes.
  • Kindergarten girls must wear solid black dress shoes.
  • Elementary and Middle School students must wear solid black shoes.
  • Students must wear white socks. Socks should cover the ankles. “Secret” socks that fall below the ankles and disappear once the shoes are worn are not permitted.


  • Only white underclothing should be worn under uniform shirts. No printed T-shirts are allowed. Undershirts should not have large areas of words or graphics.

Summer Uniform

  • Boys must wear white short-sleeved DIS, Kaohsiung shirts with navy blue shorts and trousers
  • Girls must wear white short-sleeved DIS, Kaohsiung shirts with navy blue gabardine jumper skirts

Winter Uniform

  • Navy blue coats with DIS, Kaohsiung badge are to be worn by all students during winter months.
  • Only plain white scarves are allowed.
  • Boys wear white long-sleeved DIS, Kaohsiung shirts with navy blue shorts or trousers.
  • Girls wear white long-sleeved DIS, Kaohsiung shirts with navy blue gabardine jumper skirts. Girls have the option of wearing winter weight black pantyhose or white knee-high socks if the regular ankle socks are not warm enough for the winter months. White winter socks may not be worn over or above the knees. Leggings are not permitted. Girls should pay attention to the lengths of the skirts, which should fall at least two inches below the knee. Girls may wear navy pants instead of navy gabardine jumper skirts for winter only.

PE Uniform

  • Boys and girls must wear DIS, Kaohsiung designated PE uniform for PE classes. Navy blue DIS, Kaohsiung jackets are worn during winter months.
  • Sports shoes are worn with PE uniforms during PE classes. Sneakers or sports footwear should be predominantly white or black, as much as possible.
  • Students are allowed to wear PE uniforms to school on days of PE classes for hygienic reasons.
  • Caps may be worn only during PE class when needed. Caps are not allowed to be worn indoors at any time, including in corridors.
  • A student must wear white socks that covers the ankles.

Free Dress Days

  • DIS, Kaohsiung Administration will announce when students are allowed to enter school in outfits other than DIS, Kaohsiung uniforms.
  • The second Friday of each month is scheduled for Free Dress Days. Students should dress in accordance with the standards of Christian modesty. This dress code applies to ALL school activities, events, celebrations, school trips, outings, even on weekends.

NOTE: Students arriving school in inappropriate clothing, even on weekends and on Free Dress Days, would be asked to change into DIS, Kaohsiung uniform.