Community Service Program

Proved to be very helpful in achieving this objective. Charity, the perfection of LOVE, begins at home and it should not confine itself within the four walls of our home. Love should find its way to extend itself by reaching out the community.

Dominicans in Action!

Dominican International School Kaohsiung envisions to produce wholistic Dominican graduates who are:

  • equipped not only with academic competence but also grounded with deep social conscience.
  • share the fruits of our labor and contemplation, our aim is to provide an avenue for the students and teachers alike take part in these social responsibilities
  • to help our neighbors in their physical and spiritual needs, to take part in the advocacies for the preservation of our environment
  • to extend help to the different charity Institutions, to help others develop their linguistic skills particularly in English and many others.


“Comtemplata Contemplare Aliis Tadere” or To contemplate and to share the fruits of our Contemplation