Counselling Services

Student Discipline Guidelines

The foremost responsibility of the faculty and staff is to provide and maintain safe learning environment for all the students at DIS, kaohsiung. The DIS, Kaohsiung Conduct and Discipline program us firmly committed to respecting and safeguarding human dignity as well as realizing the full potential of every student.

It is imperative that DIS, Kaohsiung students, parents, legal guardians, faculty, and staff work together to maintain order and discipline on campus. DIS, kaohsiung needs the support of parents and legal guardians to cooperate and collaborate in the partnership of educating students.

Should disciplinary actions be necessary, the following persons will be involved in the process:

  • Faculty and Staff Involved
  • Homeroom Teacher
  • Prefect of Discipline
  • Guidance Counsellor
  • Administration
  • Vice-Principal
  • Principal/Directress