Human Formation

The DISK Human Formation Program is designed to support and encourage the continued personal growth of each student towards becoming an integral human person through the improvement of their academic, career/vocational, personal, and socio-emotional aspects through Student Discipline and the School Guidance and Counseling Services while adhering to the Child Protection Policy.

1. Student Discipline

Student Discipline is anchored on the two-fold foundations of Positive Discipline and Christian love (Caritas) by providing and maintaining a safe, conducive, positive, and motivating learning environment for all the students.  

The students are envisioned to develop their strengths and Christian-based moral character through appropriate, timely, and evidence-based positive behavioral interventions to realize their full potential as productive and upright citizens.

Each student is accountable for his/her actions. Similarly, students must own up to inappropriate behavior/s and face possible consequences. Support and collaboration with the parents are important in honing the student’s behaviors and character. 

It is imperative that parents and students must follow the decisions of the administration and staff regarding infractions that are covered and may not be covered by the Student Handbook that may be contrary to the institution’s policies.

Should the infractions be elevated into full disciplinary proceedings, the following multi-disciplinary team will be involved in the process:

  • Faculty and Staff Involved
  • Homeroom Teacher
  • School Discipline Officer
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Human Formation Coordinator
  • Administration
  • Vice-Principal
  • Principal/Directress

2. School Guidance and Counseling

The School Guidance and Counseling Program seeks to form an integral human person through the services focused on the Academic, Career, Socio-Emotional, and Global Perspective Domains.

Guidance and Counseling Services:

  • Counseling (individual or group)
  • Information and SEL
  • Career Guidance
  • College Placement
  • Testing

3. Child Protection

The DISK envisions a safe, child-friendly, and motivating environment where students can achieve their full potential. To realize this, we commit ourselves to protect students by adapting philosophies, policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures to protect children from both intentional and unintentional harm to themselves and from others.


Our Child Protection Officer, together with the Human Formation Office and the Administration, works to ensure that our teachers, employees, and other stakeholders are updated with appropriate practices in keeping our students safe.


Appropriate measures such as referral and reporting mechanisms are observed as prescribed by pertinent laws to ensure that what we provide is in the best interest of the child.