Dear Parents/Guardians,

Peace in Jesus and Mary!

We are excited to share great news regardingour school’s athletics program. In the past, we have offered after-school sports activities, and now with our new and future facilities and qualified coaches, we are taking a big leap forward by launching official sports teams within our school.

Registration for the Basketball and Soccer teams is still open to any student willing to join them in the current semester, and below you have the link to a form where you can sign up for the next semester or express your interest in any of the future teams we will have in the second semester as well as suggestions for any other sports team you would like your child to join and that we could create.


If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact our athletic department at sportsathletics@disk.kh.edu.tw.


Mr. Edmundo Horna
Athletics Director. PE and Health Teacher
Dominican International School, Kaohsiung

Mr. Junell Bautista
PE and Health Teacher
Dominican International School, Kaohsiung